tisdag 30 december 2008

Voodoo Brawler & Buster Keaton

I wish that Elvis impersonation gig wasn't just to humiliate myself at a hotel in Spain for swedes. However it gave me a few ideas for what I'll be doing this year.

Buster Keaton

I borrowed this huge book from the library full of images and stories.
In it is this picture of Buster filming a stunt falling from the roof off a 8(or more) story building.
This being the olden days he actually lept from the rooftop, having rigged small pieces of cloth intimately along the wall downwards to break the speed of the fall. And he actually landed through these cloths and grabbed onto the drainpipe to stop the fall.
This, Seems like crazy fun to me! There's something about surviving things and feeling strangely accepted as a living being for your struggle haha.

7 kommentarer:

+ La Kalaka + sa...

WAH! I really, really like your art! *_______* Sorry for don't have better and accurate words to describe it, but I thin I felt in love *_*

BTW I did a little translation for you in Betteo's webcomic "365 MINUTES"

Red Monkey sa...

Ha! Found you! You sexy Swede!

Not that I really had to look hard :p

Vincent van Blogh sa...

Great works.

liou sa...

That middle one is awesome. I love how well the form of the head is portrayed, if that makes any sense. You should post more work to the blog!

Chelsea Greene Lewyta sa...

Hey, thanks so much! It means a lot, I always liked your work. I'll be sure to link to you from my blog next time I update my links. Stay in touch and take care :)

Hunter sa...

That hellboy is amazing :)


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