onsdag 2 juli 2008

Fazarilliolero, Zackadelliree & Ryan

Ryan had a projector that made everything look like it was from doctor caligaris cabinette, blown up on his wall and able to produce the image up to 30 feet wide I was told!
I met him on the subway coming from Seattle and landing in New York at four in the morning, he had a big plate of brownies and sandwiches and a projector... and then we had so much more!

also I am officially back.
I miss the good folk I met!
Igo, Shane, Faz, Zac, Ryan and many a more!(these boys mentioned because they got me a roof over my head, stranger or not. very pleasant people and complete sweethearts the lot of em!).
to everyone who wanted to work with me, I am completely up for the mentioned projects. come on over the ocean or help me pay my ticket over to you again haha!

I also miss being a european with my currency value in america :(
I'm even re-counting everything in dollars here.
with this trip my mind finally vented and I felt the air around me even had changed when I got back, to how it should've always been! and how I've missed it for such a long time. it also made me realize how small of a place I'm living in. small steps and big words, lame fucking mentality, can't do anything without it becoming something.
I mean in NY you'd have a gang of russians playing accordeon and "I'll shoot the moon" in the middle of a street at night, and you were the only listener. here the mentality is just so forced and unnatural for me. the wind is nice here, but fucking christ even it holds the bike back and you get tired of trying to force yourself around the city with it.

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