torsdag 19 juni 2008


I went swimming with a few folks way out into the mojave desert, a secret river of sorts. with a midnight bicycle rider/television producer & a sculptor from mcfarlane toys and his wife. hurp!

so I hit Seattle on tuesday this week. unlike with the guy in NY my housing in LA & Seattle has worked out awesomely from the getgo!
got lost on a mountain for six hours at night in California, I wish there were pictures from it. aswell as of the dirt, dust and water grime covered rockabilly stumbling swede. I managed to hitch several rides with proper cool people in california aswell (while retaining the previously mentioned nasty gettup hoh!).
and my continuos social tango with fun people swooped onwards without a miss. though travel loopyness and my-god-i-survived-the-mountain hoohaw made me abit shambling at times, and/or also speed up the meat in my mouth. urhmaha!