söndag 21 oktober 2007

Twice the balls

so my father is doing the dishes after dinner, and he whips up two chocolate balls and goes:
"oh shit! the last two balls! lets eat em before the others notice anything. hurry!"
I hide behind the door with mine and he stands look out on the corner while eating his chocolate ball. like two kids. and my sister comes walking in and we both realize what we're doing. so while being confused about wether we should hide the balls or be honest she says "you boys actin strange".

Nosferatu and tit? not sure it warrants a new post. but I didn't get to show any of the work I've been doing before I got sick and gone.

lördag 8 september 2007

smelly box baby

came to think of this strange memory I had about my old neighbors family.
they had this little baby who was saving old milk and cereal in a smelly wooden box. that shit was disturbing. because I had noticed the smell every now and then. strangest vile smell ever. and he was hiding the box. and then one day the little bebbe took out his wooden box and scooped him some cereal with his hand, and asked if I wanted some. fucking GROSS!

also, I've been working like mad these last few days. tried finishing up an entry for an anthology. a fully painted comic. but I didn't manage to finish, instead I conjured up three different concepts that really needed more air blown into 'em.
aswell as many other things I'm running and jumping between, but clearly not telling, hah.
so yes! I haven't just been sitting around thinking about that smelly-box-cereal-babay.

söndag 2 september 2007

August Sum up

(psst, check the bottom of the blog)

söndag 5 augusti 2007

Downhill Kinda guy

he was born in a really steep hill. and at the bottom of the hill was five guys having a knife fight with a bear. and as he rolled down he rolled into the belly of the gutted bear. who raised him as his own. and since then he's been reinacting different dramatic situations while running downhill. downhill hunting, downhill poetry slams with his friends, downhill tea-party/wedding/brawl/sex/etc.
sometimes he'll fly down there with his band "the downhill orchestra". and they'll play, and somebody breaks his neck and then they do it again next tuesday.