måndag 27 juli 2009

tisdag 30 december 2008

Voodoo Brawler & Buster Keaton

I wish that Elvis impersonation gig wasn't just to humiliate myself at a hotel in Spain for swedes. However it gave me a few ideas for what I'll be doing this year.

Buster Keaton

I borrowed this huge book from the library full of images and stories.
In it is this picture of Buster filming a stunt falling from the roof off a 8(or more) story building.
This being the olden days he actually lept from the rooftop, having rigged small pieces of cloth intimately along the wall downwards to break the speed of the fall. And he actually landed through these cloths and grabbed onto the drainpipe to stop the fall.
This, Seems like crazy fun to me! There's something about surviving things and feeling strangely accepted as a living being for your struggle haha.

söndag 30 november 2008

Wau Wau Baum baum (french cowboy)

two times american

hitching rides from the nicest vietnam veteran to the Buss driver with no sense of direction but a golden heart, I miss them all in America.

I reaally liked being understood in americahaha. but the french!? oh shit no. great fucking bands though and great bars/pubs/clubs? whatever that was. old train-station-rebuilt-club-thing, even had rails under it! you had a fat burger and outlooking a huge golden painting spotlighted next to the rails that led on into a pitchblack place. five bands on a row every day but monday haha.
walked and shouted theatre all way across Paris until five in the morning. improvising fun things on whiskey legs with company. pff, it was nothing like almost dying in the mountain with cougars. but I've learnt to be sorta fine with that.

and here? no sun.
a doctor told me 6 out of 10 swedish are on anti depressants, two minutes later in another room another doctor leaned in and corrected with a "8 out of 10" HAHAH. and that was during the summer!
I THINK people should start realizing there's something else biting their heels.
pills won't save your soul or start fires or get your nonexistent love for a deskfuck job back that you never had. I know I know, mean right. I've been told. well it's either that or Oppie Yoopie poetry

torsdag 30 oktober 2008

ge-Bung chow!

For Patricio Betteo, one of my favourite artists. we're merging for a team attack very soon. oho!

recently I've been working in my sleep, my head is completely clear and nearly fully aware, and I'm recording movies from a rowboat with two hobos just outside New York. worried I'll loose the machinery in the boat if it flips, still I compose very exiting work, which I'm able to look at with precise detail. it's great! but I wake up EXHAUSTED haha.

Old drawings, forgot to ever give these to her I think. the ol blue valentine

måndag 13 oktober 2008

Your Ticket To a Screamer

For work mail Vidar.strandberg@gmail.com

tisdag 8 juli 2008

jillian in the spring

some art, I have to represent myself now that I'm looking for work.
also someone told me I should post my paintings and sculptures aswell. the only thing I ever really showed was these sorts of things, but I do alot of different work! which is probably the reason for any and all unexplained holdups in updates. so hey! exciting right!